Learn to accept the fact that there are things in life in which you have no control over. We waste most of our time trying to change the past and influence others into seeing things from our perspective. When in reality, each and every person is an individual who see things from their own view. We can't change other people but we can change how we react to them. If we change the way we behave when in the presence of things we can not control, we better ourselves. Life isn't about controlling the fate of others. It is about controlling the very path you choose to walk day in and day out. We have become complacent in the location of our minds so much so that we don't think to make them stronger. We don't practice patience with those who have different beliefs, instead we try and control. By control I mean force. We try and force certain situations to happen just as much as we force people to like us. We walk around with our head held high but why? What did you do that day to have an opinion over the lives of others. There are few with as big an impact on your own life as the role you play. In order to learn control you need to allow things to run their certain course. Let things be and if it was ever meant to be, it will. Don't force yourself on others. Be the portrayal of the very person you aspire to be. Take relationships seriously because the way you make others feel is up to you. You always control that. If you want nice things do what you can to obtain them. However do not lose your self control in deciding what is more important. We sacrifice our current happiness for that hope it'll arrive in time someday happiness. Try to stop putting things off. Make time for everything and everyone that matters to you. Verbalize your priorities and do so in order for you to be aware of what you truly want. We want the entire world when in actuality we only deal with it in small increments. Broaden your horizon and open your mind to new experiences. Live life as it happens and don't stick to the calendar so much. Know what day it is rather than what date it is. You are limitless if you learn to control.


Andrew KrigsmanComment