The gift

In life as with anything you will ever do there will be evil. But with evil there is good. This post isn't about how bad the world is and all the corruption and violence we are forced to live around. This is about the human in all of us. There is only one race and that is the human race. We walk among an entire Earth full of potential and people with hearts of gold. However we only allow ourselves to focus on the wrongdoings that are done by others. Instead, from here on out let's focus on the good. When you believe in good and positive energy then things that are positive begin to catch your attention. I walk around seeing people with frowns on their face and are down because of all the ways life kicks them in the ribs when they're already down. I walked in the fire to eventually experience the cold ice of a society I chose to dwell in. It wasn't until I decided to change the way I saw things when I began to see the things I saw change. I got a job at a local supermarket as a cashier and began to work on my people skills. I had always been a nice guy that people opened up to but nothing compared to this. I had allowed myself to grow as a person as I stood behind the register not only registering the people's goods but the good in people. Many people had just come from work and had been suppressed by their work environments. Others were worried about their financial matters. I began to see that in each and every person there had a story. Many of which come from places where there are dark moments. Truth is that was a true as can be. I had been from a place of hurt also so connecting with people was never a problem. Before I knew it, I was gaining the trust of almost everyone who came on my line. People believed in me and the enormous adventures I had hoped to achieve. They did so because for once in their life someone had listened to them without the intent of replying but with the intention of understanding and empathizing. Unlike any other feeling one can experience, the feeling that comes from doing the right thing is unmatched. The feeling is a gift. When you look at someone, look them into their eyes. Talk to them as a person who means something not someone you can do without. The ones that matter will reciprocate the energy and little by little you become to feel better. The amount of good you do becomes second nature to you. You see people hungry you help them. You see people crying you comfort them not with a tissue but with your presence. You begin to understand that you time your greatest asset. You learn to distribute it wiser and that when it is given it is not taken. People are always going to see the world as a crippling evil sanction until you give them a reason not to. At the end of the day, the money we slave for and create stress over won't be there. The memories that evoke emotional responses called feelings will remain. People will remember how you made them feel long after you've left the room and you will be seen in a different light. You can walk with your chin a little higher and your back upright. You sleep easier at night knowing others can sleep easier because of the words and actions that you gave to them. That is a gift that you can give every day and best part is it doesn't cost a dime. To be able to give is better than to only receive. Love the life you live and appreciate the impact you leave on the lives of others.


Andrew KrigsmanComment