Speak Up

Throughout our childhood we were told things like "Be the change you wish to seek" and "Treat others how you wish to be treated" but as you may have realized, as a collective body we fail to succeed in doing so. This post was inspired by all the ways I witnessed humans turn their back on themselves and those around them. When we speak up we voice not just our opinion but we provide a sense of worth in the opinions felt by others. There is an uneven balance when it comes to the things we speak up for and the things we let fall by the wayside. We are the first to voice our remarks on issues that change little. Battles we can go without fighting. The wars we fight that matter are few and far between. Everyday and as you read this at least a million people are being denied basic human rights. Even more are lacking many of the things we take for granted. Some are being put down and rejected socially by peers that leads to many mental and physical repercussions we don't bother to ever care about. We turn our back on our youth. Whether or not you are among a certain group, supporting those who are being oppressed is wise. It is wise because perhaps that may one day be you. When the people who are voiceless have no one they become invisible to the people that surround them, pay attention. The greatest fault we as a society make is that we don't picture ourselves in the shoes of others. We don't see ourselves facing the problems others face and don't find appreciation in our own. If you were to put you problems on a wall and compare them to that of others it is more than likely you will take back your own. Start seeing yourself as a survivor of all the things that had once crippled you. Allow yourself to have empathy for the situations of others. Speak up for yourself and the trials and tribulations you are faced with. Speak even louder for those who can't speak for themselves. What you allow is what will happen. The price of a life is forever priceless. The compromise of one life leads to the compromise in the value and worth of yours. At the end of the day, the money won't last and it won't fix our problems with the way we treat others. We need to change us. We control every situation we are in, don't forget that. Inactions are still actions. When we silence our purest intentions to do well in the eyes of others we will never accomplish change. So if change is what you strive for then act on it. If acceptance is what you believe in, participate in it. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step so take that step. A small step forward for man is still a giant step for all of mankind. Inspire to be Inspired.


Andrew KrigsmanComment