The Come Up

There are few things in this world that are as exciting as the come up. The road to success and the many ups and down it entails. The many "no"s that make you try harder but the few "yes"s make it all worth it. The things I enjoy most about the come up is the truth it brings out in people. It's not the celebrity life style and the talk like it, it's different. It's real and it's relatable. I listen to rap stars before they make it big and they talk about different things. It'll go from the struggle we all face to the high life and Hollywood stories. The flashy watches, women galore and the money Falling all over the floor. I admire the people who remain the same person at heart even when their success brings them places far further then where they first started. I can relate a lot to this post because we wait our whole life to reach this point of success and it's supposedly a way to make us reach our happiness. However, as we tend to do we always make happiness far to unreachable and some sort of location. Leading to us waisting our time feeling unwanted and insecure. We should make happiness a journey so we never have to think of happiness as a tangible object. By doing so it will leave more room for us to chase our passions and dreams. The come up brings something priceless in those who are daring enough to achieve their goals. It brings out not only the truth but purpose. The road we travel trying to achieve our wildest dreams helps us find our true purpose and reason for waking up each and every morning. The come up is raw and inspiring and makes other want to hustle harder. However when does that hustle and drive stop, just because we have made it? Some people peak in high school, others peak in college. However the most successful people never peak at all. The come up should forever be your location. If you're dreams aren't scary enough than they clearly aren't big enough. If you reach your dream then what else is there for you and your purpose? Never stop chasing your passion. You achieve one thing strive for another far bigger. Silence the people who try and bring you down with success not words because they might know your name but they'll never know your purpose. The journey to the top makes you see things other will never understand and that is why I will forever be on the come up. Where are you?


Andrew Krigsman2 Comments