Life. It's priceless. It's one for the few things you will experience that you only get one of. Which would naturally bring the value up but something about life makes it priceless. What about life makes it priceless? I can bring a few things in to perspective. There is never going to be a set price on life, people die everyday over things that are meaningless. As a society we have had this bad habit of making some sort of social hierarchy and by doing so we put one life above another. However what happened to the "everyone was created equal" slogan we like to use all the time but never practice? I've come to learn that there are people out there that will take the lives of others, many of them innocent. It made me wonder what is the price of a life and how does the loss of one affect a family and lived one? Everyday we see on the news of people dying and families crying. We see bad things happen to good people. I've witnessed a life get taken far before their time and it made me come to the realization that life really is priceless. It has no monetary value so don't you dare try and apply one. Start to see that the children crying may be going through things far more serious than yours. They don't get a second chance after they have already been driven to the brink. So think. Maybe you can have the most positive impact ever on the souls of others. You can treat your loved ones better. You won't so quick to leave on bad terms because in reality that may be your last time ever speaking to that person. I learned to love life for everything it is and everything it isn't. Take time out of you busy life to appreciate people. Learn to love people and not things. Work on your relationships with the people who love and care about you and don't dwell on the attention you're not getting. At the end of your life, when you're on your last breath you will realize something. That all that money you slaved for and that degree that made you go into debt and caused you to end up chasing that money and the material things we all drool over and make it our priority to have, they all won't be worth anything. You will finally understand that the only things you can hold on to are memories and feelings. You can remember all the ways life made sense or didn't and the many moments you shared with those who actually cared about you. Your loved ones will ask you what your last words are going to be and you'll decide them in an arrangement of your own but you will figure out that after it is all done, life is special. It's unique at times, exciting in others, amazing at parts but overall. It's priceless.


Andrew KrigsmanComment