Actions = Words

There has always been something about the saying "Actions speak louder than words" that didn't make sense to me. I think it's the part where we don't value our words any longer. It never rested easy with me. Perhaps it's the fact that we use words for so many things we don't mean and use it to communicate and express our feelings that we don't understand. I understand how your actions should back up your words but it never made sense to have one outweigh the other. I decided to write this post to describe what it means when our actions equate to our words. I believe that there will come a time where your words and actions become in sync. It will be a point where you truly mean everything you say and when the time comes you back up those words with actions. What is wrong with the statement that outweighs one over the other is that it gives words no value. It makes our communication worthless. I learned to love and had abused the word many times. However there came a point where I understood what it meant to actually feel love and when the time comes now, I can use the word with meaning and in the right situations. Maybe the problem isn't using the word, it's the situations in which we use them in. Saying you're thankful when you don't live a thankful life is contradictory. We can have both actions and words become equal when we live a life where we appreciate all the things we tend to force and say before a Thanksgiving dinner prayer. I wish that more people understood the power that words can have. The best part of words is that they are our best understanding of our feelings. We put a label on how we feel and if we lose a way to verbalize how we feel, we are in danger. See people won't remember the shoes you wore, the name brands you spent so much money on and a lot of the things you said but they will always remember how you made them feel. That is why when you say something you should always mean it. Don't be so quick to say you hate something when you don't understand hate and we should be less willing to say you love something. Have yourself expirence loving people not things. Learn to experience things from a different point of view in order for you to understand the meaning behind half the words we use and abuse on a daily basis. If we understood what tomorrow is we wouldn't be so quick to postpone saying how we feel. Tomorrow is nothing close to our perception of it. It will never actually arrive and for a society so heavily dependent on it, we suppress our true and sincere feelings. By not verbalizing how we feel, we act in a misleading way and that cause the whole world to be confused. If we learn to comprehend our intentions and wishes, our words and actions will become equal. You won't do things you don't intend on doing and you won't say things you don't mean.


Andrew KrigsmanComment