Over the past couple of years, those who support me have been my inspiration and family. It all started back in December with a bunch of nobodies who decided they wanted to die somebodies. It was me and my friend Pat and Jovown who started things out with being called the FreeBirds. The things we as a group faced made our bond naturally stronger. I can remember when I first said the words FreeBirdNation and listed the things I had wanted it to be and it was my friends who took to the idea and stood by it even when I was unsure of it. I wanted FreeBirdNation to be some sort of societal martyr and for it to have no flaws and for everyone to like it and support it. However, in the real world people didn't. They had a hard time understanding how some teenager was going to try and change the world. To be honest, I doubted myself a majority of the time when I started out but I never let it show. Then, as if fate would had intended, things started falling into place. The name came to me and the ways we would actually succeed started to make sense. I had much success when I started out and even more as I went along with it. I remember making my Instagram and eventually a Twitter to get my word out. Have my ideas for words so not only people would understand my intentions but I would begin to understand them as well. My biggest journey however, has been on Twitter. Changing my name a few times before I stuck with YoungPhylosopher and having become this person that people looked up to. I decided to tell the truth about how we, as humans feel. For so long I had thiught the way I felt was alone and isolated but when I began to pour my heart into tweets, things began to have purpose, The reason I stuck with Twitter was because I was able to connect to you, my supporters. Not from an “I'm above you here is my wisdom” stand point but as a peer. I have a lot of deep and meaningful things to say but sometimes we aren't ready to hear that. So I began to put relatable things maybe not so philosophical and that got my name out there, however rather than be known as just some big account on one of the most popular social media sites, I transformed the way I saw Twitter. I had an audience and an obligation to speak the things other don't and are too afraid of. I made a conscience decision to allow curses in some of them because at the end of the day I'm a teenager. But my curse and things I say in tweets which may have been hard to hear was not with the excuse "I'm just a teenager" it was smart. I have an audience of my peers and this is how they listen. I don't speak like that to adults and so I allowed myself to become this person so many people appreciated. I remember all the Direct Messages I got on how I started to make sense of other peoples feeling and made them feel as if they were not alone, and they weren't. To be honest, Twitter may have been my biggest savior because it allowed me to grow. I went from some average account to one of the most looked at. I then met a few people interested in getting the word out an we formed a website and I promoted it via Twitter. It grew and got seen on all 6 continents with life on them and people were listening. With all this success, I began to feel safe and began to spread out my team. However, it didn't work out as planned. I allowed a lot of people who did not share the same intentions as I did, taint FreeBirdNation. The task of keeping it up and running became too much and so I decided to let it go. I had the website taken down and for a few months FreeBirdNation had been gone. People would ask where it went and every time I told them it broke my heart. I went off to college and left every piece of myself, I was looking for this fresh start in an unhealthy way. I didn't realize that my biggest supporters were among those one Twitter, but my most important ones were the one at home. The same place I had for so long wanted to run from and get out of, but I realized things I needed to realize now. My family may not always understand my reasons and ways to go about them and that's OK because there are things that aren't always understood until they are done. The impossible always seems impossible until it is done. My family today is my inspiration and my as far I fly with this on my own, I know that no matter what I have them. Today, I'm in college and growing and looking at ways to make the world better but I realize something. The world is within us, the way we act toward ourselves is the way we act toward the world. If you learn to respect yourself, we learn to respect the world. If we learn to accept ourselves we learn to accept others. The world is more connected than you may assume. I'll always be on Twitter saying things and connecting with you all in other ways but I am never too hard to find and I am no better than anyone of you. My last words in conclusion to this is that, your dreams are YOUR dreams. Don't let anyone stop you ever. Listen to others advice and appreciate their opinion for what it is worth but never stop doing what you love for someone else. I learned this the hard way, and lucky it wasn't too late. People think that since they can't do it it can't be done. They want to steal your hopes and dreams but it will never be possible if you don't lose track of yourself. e open to change but never drift too far from who you are. Be true to yourself and most importantly love life.




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