That One Letter

I always wanted to stumble upon this one letter written in such a way that it just spoke to me. It told me all the things I had heard before by others but nothing made more sense than that letter. It told me that things really would be okay and how to stay strong and hang in there with your chin up even when there are so many reason why giving up would be easier. How making it through the bad times was possible because this one letter had known me better than I knew myself. I kept searching for this letter but never found it so I had to learn a few things along the way, a few things that will make sense to you. I decided to go ahead and create that letter I had never had and share it with you. To begin, I want you to know that despite what society may tell you, you are beautiful and have a reason here on Earth. If you ever feel the need to question that, you need no other explanation than this letter told me so. This letter is something you should read when times are looking dark and express with a smile when times are going well. You should think highly of yourself rather than beat yourself up over things you cannot change. The past is the past so if it hurts, try not to think about it so much. Maybe the best way for you to do this is to do whatever it is that makes you happy. Drawing, singing, listening to music or playing video games. Perhaps find someone that you can trust and confide in and express your feeling with them. Your future is your own. There are things that are happening now and in the moment they may seem like they will never get better and so you look at ways out. Stay strong however stay strong for you. Be true to you and be your own best friend sometimes. Take life as it comes because in reality this is the last one you are ever going to get. Be patient when it comes to achieving your dreams, goals and aspirations because good things take time. Know that the feelings you are feeling are not isolated. A lot of people feel the same way sometimes. Understand that while no other person can truly walk in your shoes, if given the chance you’d probably take your problems over the problems of others. Believe in yourself, I don’t mean that in the same way every other person has told you. I mean that in the way that is possible for you. Have fun and enjoy the time you enjoy wasting, because time you enjoy wasting is never wasted time. There are things you need to know. Some people will always think negatively and if you waste your whole entire life trying to please them it will never happen. You should spend time with the people who already may support you and if those are not enough then seek out people whom you think will understand you. You always have me. I can speak from experience when I went years thinking that I was alone. However, when I did eventually reach that point where things looked brighter I had the privilege of realizing that I was everything but alone. People think the world is all bad but that just is not true because neither am I and neither are you. Try and change the way you look at things if you can, because when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change as well. Remind yourself that positive thoughts lead to positive things and negative energy is never going to lead to a positive result. When it comes to school do your best, prefect your craft and find your place in society rather than have anyone else tell you who you are. Stop trying to find yourself because that will never happen, you haven’t had enough time to possible find anything. Create yourself and make something unique and special. Listen when others speak because hearing alone is not the same. Love people and not things. Have an open mind to the people around you and be accepting of others. Keep your values and morals present in new situations but don’t be afraid to try new things. Stepping outside your comfort zone may be one of the hardest things, for me it felt like there was an electric fence with 24 hour security but I too managed to overcome my fears. All in all though I want you to be happy. Not become happy or seek happiness but to be happy. Put a smile on when maybe life gives you reasons not to. Really start to see that the change starts with you. Go out there and make the best possible story that you can ever make and don’t do it to prove anyone wrong. Do it to prove yourself right. To prove that even when the odds were stacked against you and very few were in your corner, you managed to survive the hardest battle of them all, life.



Andrew KrigsmanComment