Angel Eyes

You're beauty was what first captured my attention

From head to toe all I saw was perfection

The complexion

Of a goddess

Was right before me


Your angel wings must've floated you down

From the heavens, where all the angels are around

I usually don't let myself get close like this

But this was something I embraced 

A risk I wanted to take 


The deep thoughts you had enticed me

And drew me towards you

The aura you possessed 

Had me obsessed 

The medusa like looks I received

Had me lost

Frozen in my own form of stone


Dreams of you filled my nights 

And thoughts of you filled my days

I would feel as if I was in a haze

But I was alright with it.

The perception I had depicted of you

Was correct and I could picture you

By my side 


My once scattered thoughts

Calmed merely by your presence.

I had came to the realizations 

You had this unique way of controlling it all.

The spiraling thoughts,

My mind I thought I'd lost.

The raging war and the devil inside,

Just one look and I had to abide,

your angel eyes.