She was beautiful

She had this way of making me come back for more,

I couldn't get enough.


The way she lit up left me in awe,

The small spark that led to so much more,

Turned our relationship into that of a fantasy.


Her aroma was an unforgettable scent.

As it seeped into my nostrils,

I grew accustomed to the fragrance.


Her taste would sit on my tongue

Even for hours

After she was long gone.


As our relationship grew

I realized

This was not an infatuation.


This was not genuine happiness.

The smile that used to appear

Was replaced with a slight smirk.


As our relationship grew

I realized,

This was lust.


I did not want her.

I needed her.



As I would undress her slowly,

And light a match.

my lungs would scream for help.