I've been here before. But now, it feels so different. The intensity of the beating in my chest has never felt so violent. I look up and I'm frozen. My heart stops, and the flood of a million memories, thoughts, and emotions fill my mind. Your eyes are vast deserts sucking the life out of me, the sand of time falling between the cracks in my fingers as I try to hold onto you. Useless, I feel so broken. A shattered mirror with only pieces of me reflecting for you to see. I wish you could understand everything. I can't explain what doesn't show, so I only wish you could piece the picture together yourself. The puzzle of our relationship is too complicated for even us to understand. There's something deeper that I feel we both can see, but don't know how to go about it. Words can't explain everything, so actions would have to rule over things I would love to tell you. The desire i have just for your lips solely is enough to drive me insane. The desire I have strictly for your body would be enough to destroy a man. The desire I have so intently for your mind is inexplicable. You make me feel as if I've taken drugs, and you're my overdose. Constantly in my veins as I crave for my next fix. I've been craving for a while.