Lone Wolf

I'm not good at holding onto things. So when loneliness decided to visit me, I figured she was just another passing by. Generally I don't like to turn away visitors, but after a while she only seemed to cause me trouble. 

As for when she was around, my blood would run hot, hot enough to boil water within my veins. My bones would tense up so tight, you would think they were crushing themselves within the walls of my rough skin. My heart would throb slower than most, if slowing any more it would come to a halt.. 

Steadily these events would take place. As my mind started its depression of thoughts, I paused and realized, why do I feel so alone if I'm surrounded by so many? Like a herd of wolves traveling in partnership I felt like the lone wolf, traveling unaccompanied. 

I was once told, you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Well.. when she arrived, I guess I was as good as nothing. So I bid her farewell, this loneliness to take a walk, for I can't even hold onto that. I still feel empty.