I graduated yesterday. It's surreal to think it's all over, how four years of highschool and 12 years of total school have all come down to this moment. I feel.. delighted yet appalled. I mean, it's all over so now what? All the people I've befriended over the years, all the memories I made, everything I've done.. this is home to me. This little shit town Washingtonville is home. And now I'm moving on so soon, two months before I depart to college, really? Leaving behind all my close friends is not something I'm expecting to be easy. But the truth of the matter is, distance can't seperate real friends. No matter how far away you may go or a person may be from you, it'll never be far enough to break a true bond. Also, a new chapter of your life begins after you graduate. All new experiences, all new people, all new moments. That's not to say to leave behind everything and forget about it, no! But rather, let things fall into place as they should and don't dwell on past days. You don't want to miss a moment because you were looking back.

You can't change the past,  but you can steer your future by living in the present.