2:30 am

When you sit up by yourself at night, what do you think about? I feel like it can tell a lot about a person. Whether they think about a certain someone, or maybe think about the past or the future, an event they wish they can change. Or even themselves and something they feel. Everyone is unpredictable in the sense that you can't truely know how someone feels or what they are thinking. The saying, "put yourself in their shoes" doesn't due justice to the true meaning behind it: (trying to understand something from another person's viewpoint) because the truth of the matter is you really can't know how or what someone feels about something. But at night, it's been proven that the mind is a lot more active and creative and the reason for this is your brain and body are tired and specific ideas and distractions are no longer filtered out of the mind. I believe this is where the true feelings and personality of a person come out. Talk to a friend at 2:30 in the morning compared to 12 in the afternoon and see how different of a conversation you have. This is where you can find out what others think about, and what's truely on their mind. Even though it's not exactly seeing things from another's shoes, it may still be a lot closer being given a description deep from within the mind and heart rather than things being filtered out. What do you think about at night?