Success doesn't come overnight. It can take days, weeks, months, years, or even decades for someone to reach the success they're aiming for. Everybody has long term and short term goals. The long term goals are the ones that usually take years or decades: buying a mansion, a nice car, having a beautiful family, graduating college. Short term goals are the ones that can take a couple days, weeks, or a month or two: passing a test, getting fit, making new friends, writing a song.  When you look at successful people, whether they are rich and famous or just your everyday common folk, you can see they all have a couple things in common. 

  • Inspiration 
  • Passion 
  • Ambition  
  • Perseverance  

These are four traits that can guarantee you success at what you are aiming for.  


You need to be inspired by what you want to achieve. It needs to be from deep down within your soul and shiver up your spine when you think about it. You need to have creative thoughts and have an imaginative mind and think outside of the box. When someone says "shoot for the stars" you say no, and you shoot even higher. 


Passion has to be dripping from every hole in your body. You have to want it bad enough that you can push yourself to limits others aren't willing to go. You're want for the success needs to be ten-fold that of your fear of failure. Failure can't be an option.


Have an animal ambition. Focus on the task and hand and destroy it with ease. Know what you have to do and get it done, don't wait for a "sign" because by the time a sign comes somebody else is already making moves. Strive towards your goal, set short term tasks for yourself to complete that can help you out in the long run.


Perseverance. This the most important. DO NOT GIVE UP. Nobody great has ever just been handed their success in life. Look at Mohammed Ali, Bill Gates, J. Cole, Logic, J. K. Rowling, Michael Oher, Oprah Winfrey, all these people never gave up just because things got hard for them. That's when you know your destined for greatness, when you fight through the heartaches because it makes you tougher.