San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California

The journey to San Francisco was the most spontaneous, breath taking, and special moment in my life. Not once during this trip do I use my head to think about what we were doing just did. It was the most memorable trips I've ever taken and is definitely one for the books. 

There's a lot about this journey I learned and would like to share with you.

Have fun and let go. Let go of your worries and just enjoy life because you have one chance to do it. You have one life to live so if you get the chance to explore do it. 

Appreciation . I've learned to appreciate the things I have in life, and to enjoy the company I have around me.

Happiness.  Comes from within yourself. 

 Acceptance. This life was given to me for a reason and I'm accepting what has to come with it. I've accepted the lessons that were given to me and now have the most understanding to them. 

Time.  You never get it back. Make the most of your time, and fill it with memories you'll cherish and hold onto forever. 

 Explore. Get out of your comfort zone. Everything doesn't have to be planned or have a destination. Go on adventures to no where and end up somewhere amazing. 


This trip was done in 48 hours and it was filled with the most memorable, amazing, timeless moments of my life. Don't take life for granted because you never know when something or someone can be taken away from you. You got one life to live so enjoy it while you have the luxury to do so. 



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