This is not the end...

An angel told me don't die you are meant to be here, living.

"You are stronger than you think you are, and need to know that you belong here. You're special, and one of a kind," the angel said as I let all my sorrows out on the floor I couldn't push it to the side.

 All my emotions out in the open. Felt like I was trapped behind that door. In that moment it was just me and all my emotions out on the floor. All the hurt you made me feel. But then I looked up and saw an angel sent. Someone above.

An angel present everytime I felt alone and upset. Something I know I'm never going to forget.

 A part of me was telling me to quit. Telling me there's no reason to move on to just quit. There's no reason to live, but to just sit and sulk. Make myself feel guilty about the things that I've done, or was I making myself feel the guilt for all the problems you caused. Made me choke on my words I never got to get out. Never told half the things I know would put you in a cell.


But the other side is telling me it's going to be okay. Let it be, and move on. Time heals all. So let there be time. Let time pass and go on. Let time do its job to make things better. When your ready to see that light you will see that things really do get better. There's a light at the end of every tunnel. You're going to make it out girl I promise it's only part of the struggle. We all go through it. We all want to quit. But then they win and do you really want that? Do you really want them to win. Make them feel like they got all the power. Make them feel like they control you. They win.


 As I sat there thinking my life was coming to an end I was ready to let go and let life end. But the angel stopped me & looked me in the eyes and told me.

"Sooner or later your going to be fed up. Done taking the bullshit, all the hurt you had enough. Your going to become heartless and push people away. But remember who stays. Remember that everything is going to be okay. Just another chapter in your story coming to an end. It's time to start the next chapter. It's your turn to be happy. This is your life don't let it pass. Don't sit and sulk about the bad. Don't worry about the people who never had your back, and was always against you. You're not living for anyone else but yourself. Don't stop living because of someone else. Live. Be happy and worry about yourself. Your only concern is your happiness and that is all. Keep on. It's not your time yet, keep going. Stay strong."

I said to myself, "This is not the end. I got to move on."



Brianna AbalosComment