Take Charge


The best way to predict the future is to create it, so make it beautiful. You hold the key to your future. Your in charge of all your successes. Too many people sit around thinking, and wondering about the what ifs. Nobody just knows now a days. Nobody knows because we don't express the things we want to express the way we probably should. In a way we hold back. You want a future with somebody? Everyone is afraid to fall for another person; in fact, were so closed off, and avoid those feelings. Instead let yourself go.Work hard for it. Go out of your way daily to show that person you care. Become a team and see the magic you two can create together. You want to be something one day? Alot of people hold back, or never expose there talent like they should. Be a dream-chaser. I encourage it. Go for it and reach for your dreams. Do what you got to do! If you want something so bad you will do anything to have it. Never live a life of regret. Life is full of trials and errors. Keep in mind not everything will go your way, but live your life to the fullest. Make yourself proud. One day you are going to have everything you ever wanted. You can have the significant other you've been craving to have, or the dream you've been chasing for as long as you can remember. When all is said and done you can sit back, and appreciate what you have accomplished. What you have worked for paid off. 

Brianna AbalosComment