Too many girls lack confidence. I am one of them, but why? I have no reason to not be confident in myself. But girls are constantly reminded by pictures on social media, magazines, and Victoria Secret ads that were not good enough. You have to have a certain look, and if you don't look like that then your not sexy or pretty. If you don't look like that you should be insecure.  Nothing is ever good enough for society. But that is where we need to put our foot down. Why are we suffering for other peoples lack of confidence or whatever it is that makes them have to put down others? Just recently I saw on twitter  girls and boys saying if your not under 130 lbs don't wear shorts, don't wear a crop top, don't wear leggings ect. I find that obsurd and ridiculous. Where are you getting these facts? Being 130lbs doesn't necessarily mean your fat, and also mind your damn business! If someone wants to wear shorts or a crop top or leggings and they're over "130" let them be and get over yourself. They're not bothering anyone, and if it bothers you don't look at them. I myself weigh 130+ & think I look great. I wear all of those things, and no one will tell me no. It's not about the number that defines if you are fat or not, and if you don't like something simply change it. I am confident enough in myself to wear these things, and will continue to do so. Never be concerned with the number you weigh and NEVER be insecure about yourself.

Confidence is key. 


Brianna AbalosComment