My addiction.

I need my daily dosage a day.

I crave your presence. I crave your eyes. I crave the smile you never hide. Sincere and innocent, but I've seen alot of pain behind those eyes. You can't hide anything from me I know you. The real you I refuse to forget. I'm sorry I'm crazy, and I know you told me I'd be begging you for more. From that moment on I told myself to never close this door.

I will always let you in. I crave the feeling of your skin on my skin. Skin to skin contact the feeling begins. A rush through my veins. A weird feeling through my bones. I can't help but think to myself I don't ever want to be alone. To lose you would be tragic. Your my addiction I crave. I always have to have it. Maybe a little rehab would do me some justice. My drug of choice will never  change. It's a habit. I can't fight it. I won't fight it. This drug is so pure and sweet; Simply I get swept off my feet to a place I've never been before. Happiness, laughter a sight I could never forget. My light at the end of the tunnel you healed all my sores I could never forget. My addiction I crave. I have to have it. I find myself repeating the lines again and again. Line after line. I need more. Addiction is hard. It always has you begging for more. More and more it's never enough. Until you overdose your addiction. 

Now your stuck.  

Brianna AbalosComment