In order to make change you need money and power, but the money and power stay silent. They try to hide it. Cover up the truths with lies upon lies that are ready to be told. But again we sit here in silence. Were waiting for the next Martin Luther King. Someone to stand to up. Were waiting on someone to shut them up. Everything is so wrong like what are we really living for? We live in the land of the free where  "everyone"  is equal, but there's another lie again were the land full of racist people. How many people do we have to lose to see what's really going on? Were supposed to be one nation, but instead we side with satan. Dancing with the devil we tip toe around the truth. We cover up the mistakes just to keep the people away from the truth. But they can't hide anymore. Lies are getting mixed up, and the truth is coming out. More people are standing up. More people aren't backing down. They're no longer afriad of the ones in power. It's time for change. We are the change. Soon we will have the money and the power , and from that point on We will no longer be silent. They're afriad because were no longer quiet. 

Brianna AbalosComment