The feeling you get in your stomach as you walk across the room. Butterflies fluttering as he passes you by. You choke on your words. Your stuttering. You can't even say "Hi." That's that young love. Body starts to melt as he gives you a hug. It's getting hard to fight the feeling. You go to bed every night hoping, and praying that this time it'll be different. "All of them are the same," so you say, but maybe that was all because of Mr.No Name. Yes you've been hurt, but you can't fight the feeling. I always was one to trust my gut, and this time it was different. No red flags. No warnings. Just big flashing lights. No longer was I holding back. I found what I was missing. Still to this day I get the same feeling. Everytime you look at me I lose my breath. Butterflies take over my stomach and my chest. Sometimes I forget just how lucky I really am. Then I think to myself I really found a man . Man of my dreams, and that will never change. These butterflies in my stomach will always remain. 


Brianna AbalosComment