You are so perfect to me or maybe I'm just blinded by love. Your eyes, your smile, and boy do I love your warm hugs. Tight, strong. It's what I like to call home. A place I feel safe. A heartbeat with no end. Ba-Bum Ba-Bum, my heart beats again and again. My head on your chest such a beautiful sound. Your heart beats like a drum. I'm addicted to this love. I cannnot get  enough. There isn't enough hours in the day and never enough through the night. Each and everyday is endless with you. I don't ever want to lose sight. A bond, a friendship. We took the time to make it. Baby, let's not break it. For goodness sake lets not forget all the time we put in, all the time that we spent just to get to where we are. We can make it so far I see it, with you theres no limits. No boundaries. Were reaching for the sky. Were going to get this right. Driving through LA, Hollywood sign to right. Nothing but a playground to us. Were taking over.

Were taking over this world. One day at time, lets take it slow. Lets enjoy every step of the way. Cause we never know when our last day is really our Last  day. Were young but one thing I know is true it's you. Always has and always will. The truest friend. The truest man. The most innocent, my angel sent. Lets be young. Lets live. Lets do this together. Lets take over this world one day at a time TOGETHER. 


Brianna Abalos