If you were discovering the world with your bestfriend wouldn't you be happy?  

One adventure at a time with you. Happy and grateful. A pleasant suprise. Wake up every morning with you by my side. Amazing. That you have been through it all. The bumpy roads, through the mountains, and up in the sky. Everywhere. Everything. Sometimes I wonder why, how? How did I get so lucky to find someone like you? Seen it all, but in different perspectives in different views. But together we molded, conjoined at the hip. Best friends forever I could say it again and again. No matter what we go through this friendship will never break. A bond we created. Can never be replaced. Can never be forgotton. A friendship we got lost in. Adventure after adventure. It never stops. Memory after memory. Time never stops. Ocassionaly it feels as such, time stops. You take my breathe away everyday around the clock. Amazed by the memories and all that we've become. Adventure after adventure we've only just begun. This is only the beginning no where near the end. There is no end to this story. There will never be a "The End." 

Brianna AbalosComment