The Game

She was used, and abused. No one wanted her. Just wanted to take every ounce of life out of her. Taken for granted. Torn apart. Her heart was bound to be broken from the start. It's all just a game. Beginnings are different, but the endings the same. She got her head, and heart stuck in the game. She was so lost. No where to be found. First love gave her heart ache. She was waiting to be found. She went for round two tripped, fell hard on the ground. Found few to pick up the pieces, but not one perfectly fit. Then she found an angel. Her prayer finally sent. She was waiting on her moment, but was it really true? Was an angel sent, or just another fool? The angel began to lift her. Stand up. Stand tall. "You will never be fooled again", then she started to crawl. Then she began to walk, finally on her feet. That girl was genuinely happy even in her sleep. Nightmares eventually stopped, then she started to dream. 

Brianna AbalosComment