Prove Them Wrong.

No longer giving people the satifaction to say anything bad about me. I will prove everyone wrong, and do so with class and respect. I have alot of people to prove wrong, but I have so many people pushing me to do what I do best. I have the drive to do better, and be the person everyone thinks I'm not. That is because I am this person. I'm the strongest I have ever been in my life. I have never been more ready for this journey I am on. I am ready to live my dreams, and make them my reality. I am living the ultimate dream, and not a soul can take that away from me!  I am going to have everything I have ever asked for. I have everyone I need and all the support I could ever have. Everyone I need is right by my side, and I'm doing this for myself as well as you. I will make you all proud. 

I'm happy with where life is taking me, and everything is going to end up the way it is all supposed to.  

Sit back and enjoy the show!  

Brianna AbalosComment