You took the only relationship I ever cared about out of my life. You gave her a replaceent. A new me. You gave her a girl she could grow up with something I couldn't do. You replaced me. I've been here since birth. I've watched her grow as a little girl, and it all of a sudden stopped. I stopped showing my face for awhile, and from that moment it changed my whole world.    She's no longer a girl, but becoming the young woman she is. I miss the boy talks, and the laughs we shared. I just wish I could be right there. To show you the ropes. Tell you everything will be okay. I just want you to know I'm here to stay. You'll never be alone. I'm always in your corner. I will tell you when your wrong, but always tell you what your doing right. We no longer pick the little fights. All we do is love. All we do is crave. We crave for the sisterhood we wish to have, and say we do. Truth is we know what we know about each other which is limited. When we get the chance we will make up for lost time. I was given a best friend for a lifetime that I can't get to share certain moments with. But forever will you be by my side. You and me will forever be ride or dies. I'm your big sister and that will never change. 

 Miles and miles away, but never apart. A bond that will never be  broken. We'll forever be in each other's heart.  

Brianna AbalosComment