Opening up to someone is easy, but trust is another story. Trusting someone is one of the boldest things a person can do. Trust the wrong person and you can be left hurt. Giving someone the power and control over you is basically what you are doing once you start letting someone in. It takes one person to ruin it for others, right? 

Or is it a fact that we just get smarter and know when things are actually happening. Be aware of people's actions and reactions. It always symbolizes something, and it may not be clear in the beginning but sooner or later bits and pieces always come out. Never underestimate because you may be surprised.  

I've been surprised myself; actually left speechless. Boys and girls are no different from each other, and are very capable of doing the same things. The difference is boys move on girls crave to know answers.  

Note to anyone who might feel guilty of doing something, or are in the middle of doing something wrong. Think about what you're doing and if it is really worth hurting someone along the way as well as breaking someone's trust. Not only do you break their trust for you but for anyone after. Save them the burden of holding those memories with another person. You can only hide things for so long before people find out. So really be careful. If you really love someone you would never want the same done to you. It all comes down to respect. Don't just respect the other person, but respect yourself from being known as "that" person. 


Brianna AbalosComment