As long as you feel good about yourself it doesn't matter what others think. Own your shit, and never let anyone discourage you. Having confidence in yourself is one of the most attractive qualities to have. Having confidence doesn't mean you're better than anyone else, but that your confident enough to express yourself in ways people aren't able to.

Everyday I wake up and feel good in my own skin. That's how everyone should feel about themselves no matter what. Never let anyone bring you down because in most cases they have a reason for saying what they do. Most people who put down others are insecure themselves, so don't take it personal but as a compliment. They see something in you that maybe you don't, and you should feel good. 

Be confident in your own skin. I encourage it. If you feel good about yourself that's all that matters. Having confidence is nothing but positive energy. The more you have the more you can give others. Set a good example. Be the example!