Believe in yourself

No one has proved to me yet that they're worth staying in my life...

 By that I mean many of people have came in and out of my life. I've grown to respect myself enough to not let people take advantage of me anymore. I have let to many people know parts of me that are very personal. I've gotten close to way to many people that "know" my story, and are no where to be found in my life now. So, why should I believe that anybody could prove to me otherwise? It makes you wonder, "how many people know me."  

 Honestly, nobody does because no one has actually took the time to realize what I'm worth to them. 

 As I move forward in my life onto the next chapter, my next journey I know who has always got my back no matter what. 


I will always have my own back. I will always catch myself when I fall. There's no such thing as giving up. The words  "I can't" isn't in my vocabulary. Since 6 years old, a wise woman told me those words were to never come out of my mouth. 

"You can and you will." 

When you feel like you can't do it anymore. Sit back and breathe. Count to five. 1,2,3,4,...5. Now think of everything youv'e accomplished. Wow. You did that. Never lose faith in yourself. Just believe and you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I think this to myself everyday and it amazes me to see how much I've grown. 

What I'm trying to say is to never give up on yourself or worry about others. You are doing this for you. It's your life so live it how you want to live. Give yourself the most support because at the end of the day no one's your friend. Someone is always going to want to be better than you, but no matter what stay poised. Fight for what you want and you will get it, I promise. You are not always going to have people by your side, but be grateful. The only people in your life are the realest and those are the people you want to celebrate your hard work with. 

Push yourself to be the best you can be, and always remember to believe in yourself. I believe in you.  

-oBAe 👑 

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