Unlocking Your True Potential - YOUNGPHYLOSOPHER

Over the course of this life, we will spend much of it lost. Physically safe but lost. 

Let's not over think anything about to be said and merely think of everything as an idea, because well reality is just that.

There have been so many people who have lived and walked this Earth. Many just like the rest I'm sure that's what you're thinking but the truth is that every single person was different. In more ways than we think, people have a great depth of individuality. A real commitment to bettering our own lives, if nothing else.

With that same urge to succeed, whether it be methodical or not is an opportunity to grow. And growing should be your first priority of three in becoming YOU. Always audit yourself to see the things that you do know, versus the things you don't. There it is! What you need to work on. You already know half of what needs to be done but more often than not you don't own your time.


Parents, schools and government not to mention jobs all have the power to take away from our prioritization of self. Sometimes, even to the best of our ability not to, they control and consume us. Not hard to understand having had your parents and environment create much of your identity for you, leaving you to simply follow footsteps. 


But what if that isn't you. Like it wasn't me. 

That's where following your heart comes into play. The second of three steps to getting more out of life. Simply by following that sometimes uncomfortable feeling of standing out, is what allows us to fit in. Fitting in with the people who are passionate and can understand us without speaking.

That's the universal language of understanding, and well don't we all want to be understood!


Lastly, having a plan on paper is the most important of the three to you right now. It is the first thing that allows you to change the reality you have always known and lived in. Don't let that go unnoticed, YOUR reality. Not the lives of others or the orchestrated picture on social media. The true reality in which the present is the only doable. The past isn't fixable nor is the future. But the now is always changeable. 

"Change, grow, be you" we've heard them before but we've never listened because we didn't have the time to. Other people were still spending ours. And it is until then, until we take our time back, will we ever live.

But for now, today. Love. Love who are you. You aren't unwanted. You are blessed. You can get the rest.